Top Education android Apps for Preschoolers 2-4 years old

 Preschoolers are the most fun and exciting. In fact these are the years where imagination runs wild. And there are no limitations to what the mind and heart can think. That is one of the reasons why the top android educational games that parents and experts like us choose need to correspond to this value proposition.

Any educational application that caters to preschoolers requires many unique qualities. We believe that in order to be ranked in our books, the android educational application needs to follow a strict and progressive approach. The two basic principles are as follows:

Engagement of the preschoolers

Impact of the educational application

toddler using tablet

These two key performance indicators have allowed us to properly rank and prioritize the top android preschooler applications. We believe that engagement of the preschoolers is really critical sense that a few games have been able to keep the mind engaged for a certain period of time.

 The ultimate outcome of any educational android game is to educate the preschoolers. So in our tests we did conclude if the preschoolers learn anything or not. Many of our valued customers are teachers and your kind enough to provide clear and precise feedback. Also many of our team members at our organization up veterans and have kids going to preschool. And their inputs and feedback have been extremely beneficial. Based upon these critical inputs, we have been able to rank the following top android educational games for preschoolers”


Alpha Tots

Alpha Tots

Alpha Tots is a spectacular application for children to learn the alphabets. The alpha TOT application is based upon interactive dialogue between the application and the child. The application reinforces letters in the fund and easy way. One of the cooler aspects about this application is that it is pretty easy to navigate.

Alpha TOT uses sound and picture to properly develop understanding of the alphabets. There is no time limit and children can learn the alphabets children can learn the alphabets at their own pace and time. A is highly recommended by teachers as well.

Alpha TOT uses the typical educational approach by enabling sounds first and then providing a respective.

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Kids ABC Phonic

Kids ABC Phonics

 Kids ABC phonics kids ABC phonics is highly recommended for is highly recommended children who need to properly understand alphabets sound and the corresponding alphabet. Kids ABC phonics uses a variety of different games to crop really embed a comprehensive understanding of ABC. One of the benefits of this educational application is that it uses bubbles to create awareness among students. Preschoolers can choose between four different games to understand sound and match decorous bonding alphabets. In many of our surveys its ABC phonics is highly ranked in terms of its impact.

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