Making tablets work for your business

The business dynamics of any organization now require effective and immediate impact to the bottom line. Organizations are now training people to work more effectively. Additionally, organizations have now learned to also provide tools and processes to govern affective impact. One of the major trendsetters in the last five years is the exponential growth and usage requirements of the tablet.

According to a recent study by Gartner, tablets will be the main focus of usage in 2014 and moving into 2015. It has the flexibility of power and effective utilization in a smaller box that provides a huge benefit to the travel professionals.

Tablets are smart devices with the capabilities of the computer and the sleekness and size of a technology that you can carry in your purse. Let me share with you a very interesting way an organization is now using their tablets. This particular organization has more than five centers all across the world. Weekly conferences take place. The material is circulated well in advance. Hundreds of their employees typically used the traditional paper approach to jolt down the findings from the lecture. In many of the cases, the notepads get lost in the daily activities and many of times the critical notes get erased from memory. The organization now has given every single professional a tablet. No more pen and paper and erasing of important information. idroid-tablet-for-business-man

In fact, the organization has seen a strong 27% increase in timely closure and effective control of the deliverables. Now with the tablets, they are able to immediately connect, communicate and share ideas on the videoconference to their peers without running back to their seats. No more “make notes”; it is all done there and then.

 The tablet is a very simple and easy to use device. It also doesn't require the power capacity as a traditional computer. There conferences typically last more than four hours. Hence with the tablet they don't need any recharging or power outlets. With the traditional computers, everyone has an issue with charging their computers after two hours. The tablets have changed the way that this organization is now actively engaging and optimizing their impact to the organization.

 “I simply love the fact that the presentation is sent to me on powerpoint and I can easily scribble notes on my tablet, “states Sarah who is one of the marketing executives at the firm.

 However, the tablet does come with certain prerequisites that need to be understood before complete integration of the tablet into the IT infrastructure of any organization. Let me share with you the three important factors that need to be outlined


Data security

 Just like the computer, the tablets will now be caring very critical and important information regarding the person and the company. Hence new applications are required to ensure that the data on the tablet also has the same data security features as a computer.


Customized applications

 Since majority of the tablet operating systems have an open architecture, it is very easy for organizations to build customized applications for the tablets. A good example of this is the New York Stock Exchange. For a particular market growth, they can have applications that specifically talk about the trends in a particular domain. Previously this kind of customization was not possible even on the computers. Whereas with the tablets, easier and more robust applications can now be created.

 IP Integration

Tablets need to be integrated with the core network. Cloud capabilities, VPN, network monitoring and network integration are all critical components that need to be assessed while integrating a new component. IT teams are now engaging in deployment and proper integration of tabloids in core networks.

 Idroid is really excited about these stories and look forward to serving customers to meet and exceed their requirements.